Victory! The fierce women's bar is a chair to beat the husband and small three

- Jan 30, 2018 -

According to the daily mail of March 13, a woman who cheated on her husband and mistress has gone viral on the Internet.

Things happen in a bar in Brazil goias state Mr Verde, a woman caught in the bar after dating mistress's husband, a dispute, fights, the whole scene was bar CCTV record.


As you can see from video, a man is drinking with two women.

Suddenly, another woman (the man's wife) rushed into the bar and started beating his head frantically.

Then she turned her attention to a woman in the room and grabbed her hair and pushed it to the ground.

When the man tried to separate the two, the angry wife picked up a metal chair and threw it at the third.

Soon, the fight between the man and his wife moved outside the bar, causing a crowd of onlookers to watch.

At the same time, his wife's friends joined the war and took the bottle and tried to attack the mistress.

The scene was so chaotic that the whole fight ended in a man's T-shirt torn by his wife.

It was reported on February 19 that video had been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted online last week.



The fierce women's bar is a chair to beat the husband and small three.



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