introduction of the common chairs

- May 21, 2018 -

What are the common chairs?

1.Coffee chairs

The Coffee Chair, which is designed as a silhouette of a Coffee cup, can be used to hang clothes, bags, etc.There are black, white and brown colors, which are very suitable for the cafe.


The name of the back chair with armrest.

3.Massage chair

The principle of massage chair is to imitate artificial massage, but it is to use mechanical roll power and mechanical force squeeze to undertake massage.Massage chair can use sway, finger press, knead, knead and other massage technique to undertake deep massage according to the human body curve.When people sit in a massage chair and enjoy the relaxation of their whole body, it is as if someone is beating their backs and rubbing shoulders.

4.Swivel chair

The upper part is not very different from the style of the general chair, but there is a kind of rotating shaft called "the only leg" under the seat, so the body can be rotated at will.

Rocking chair

5.A rocking chair.

6.Fast eat chair

A chair for a fast restaurant.

The material is divided into: solid wood chair, steel chair, curved wood chair, aluminum alloy chair, metal chair, cane chair, plastic chair, glass steel chair, acrylic chair, board chair and so on.The usage trend of fast food chair: the fast dining chair that the fast food restaurant USES is the steel wood chair, and the most representative of the steel wooden chair that fast dining-room USES is the Kentucky table and chair.

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