How to clean care hotel metal chair

- Jan 08, 2018 -

How to clean care hotel metal chair, in the hotel, hotel dining chair clean care is more important, in fact is not like we think about, wipe knowledge, can be classified as maintain clean, then the concrete should be how to operate?

Let's follow the example of jinhui machinery.

Hotel metal chair is the must-have items in hotel furniture, according to the material can be divided into the leather sofa chair, cloth art sofa, metal sofa chair, cane chair, sofa plastic sofa chair, solid wood sofa chair, etc.

Hotel sofa because of frequent use, its clean maintenance work must be done often, can ensure its clean and long service life.

New buy leather sofa chair, available clean water wet towel, twist dry wipe dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, after reoccupy light brushing sofa surface care agent, one to two times, in the form a layer of protective film on the surface of leather, make the deep dermis pore dirt not easily in the future, easy to clean.

If there are stains or stains on the leather of the hotel sofa, a clean piece of flannelette can be used to clean the egg white, which can remove the stain and make the skin shine again.

If the hotel sofa has smudges, it can be dipped in a soft brush with detergent to clean the smudges, and you can't see the stain. After each cleaning, you should use the maintenance agent to maintain it.

Hotel sofa wants to prevent bask in.

Intense direct sunlight can fade the surface of the couch, and the heat of the sun damages the strength of its fiber, a change that can be seen in only a few months.

Accordingly, the sofa stool should move out of the direct sunlight place, use the curtain to be separated from the light also can alleviate the illumination harm, if add a layer of shade shade, can have better effect.

Material difference, the method that maintains hotel sofa is different also.

When pollution is serious, need to use the special steam engine that wash sofa and special cleaning agent, clean dirt.

After cleaning, a layer of protective fluid should be provided on the sofa to prevent dirt from re-seeping into the cortical capillary and causing secondary pollution.

To prolong the service life, avoid children jumping and playing on the sofa, the body of sweat is not directly in contact with the sofa.

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