PE Polyester Colour Coated Sheet

1. No pollution, economy. Colour coated steel plate production process is less harmful to the environment, and can be recycled, greatly reducing the pollution of the environment, and lighter weight, can save the load-bearing structure materials, reduce the cost.

2. Convenient processing, easy construction. Colour coated steel can be rolled into various shapes and lengths according to the needs of pressure steel plate, the middle of the general non-lap, construction is simple, waterproof effect is good.

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Colour coated steel is cold rolled steel and galvanized steel as a substrate, after surface pretreatment (degreasing, cleaning, chemical conversion treatment), in a continuous method of coating (roller coating method), after baking and cooling and made products. The common two-coating and two-baking type continuous colour coating unit process is the main production process: uncoiling → pretreatment → coating → baking → post-treatment → coiling.

Coated steel has a lightweight, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed, it gives the construction industry, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry, etc. provides a new type of raw material, played a steel instead of wood, efficient construction, energy saving, pollution prevention and other good results. The use of galvanised steel as a substrate for the colour coated steel, in addition to zinc protection, zinc layer on the organic coating plays a role in covering the isolation of the steel plate to prevent rust, the service life is longer than galvanised steel, it is reported that the service life of coated steel is 50% longer than galvanised steel.

PE Polyester Colour Coated Sheet

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