Zinc-aluminium-magnesium Sheet

- Superior corrosion resistance

Al, Mg and Si alloy elements are added to the zinc-aluminium-magnesium steel coating, which greatly improves the corrosion inhibition effect of the coating, and achieves superior corrosion resistance with less coating adhesion than ordinary galvanised products, which is 10 to 20 times higher than that of hot-dip galvanised steel sheets.

- Self-healing

Zinc, aluminium and magnesium products processing incision self-repair refers to the incision surface in the humid corrosive environment, the plating material near the incision by dissolving into the exposed metal surface attached to the water film, constantly migrate to the exposed incision position, the formation of zinc hydroxide, alkaline zinc chloride and magnesium hydroxide and other components of the dense protective film (white rust), and gradually covered with the exposed incision of the metal, the outside world of corrosive media and the exposed metal substrate isolation, so as to Prevent further corrosion of the bare incision. The whole process will continue for a long time.

- Long Life

Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium with Mg-Al-Zn as the key component has a strong and reliable resistance to chlorine (salt/sweat/sea/evening wind/soil layer) and alkali corrosion, which ensures that red rust does not occur for 20-30 years.

It is an excellent all-round plating product, which is 10-20 times stronger than galvanising with the same amount of plating, has excellent protection of the cut-outs, and has good weldability.

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Product Details

As defined in the European Standard EN 10346-2015, zinc-aluminium-magnesium plating is a ternary alloy plating with zinc as the main component, in addition to aluminium and magnesium with a content of between 1.5 and 8% (of which magnesium content is not less than 0.2%).

Zinc-aluminium-magnesium coatings have superior corrosion resistance compared to conventional coatings such as hot-dip galvanising, zinc-aluminium plating and zinc-iron alloys.

Role of Mg and Al in Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium Coating

▶ Mg and Al in zinc-aluminium-magnesium plating can make alkaline zinc carbonate become stable, and it is not easy to form loose ZnO. it will promote the oxide corrosion product to the direction of dense, small solubility, and poor electrical conductivity.

▶ Dense precipitate corrosion products with good adhesion and low electrical conductivity are generated at higher AL contents.

▶ The polarisation resistance of Zn-Al-Mg alloy coatings is about twice that of pure zinc coatings, which is one of the reasons why the corrosion resistance of Zn-Al-Mg alloy coatings is higher than that of pure zinc coatings.

Zinc-aluminium-magnesium Sheet

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