Leaded Steel Plate

Our Lead Sheets are extremely resistant to corrosion from the atmosphere, salt water and most industrial chemicals. Lead Sheets are built into a variety of structures such as walls, doors, window frames and cabinetry to provide the necessary shielding protection. Lead Sheets can be readily manipulated with standard hand tools without the risk of fracture.

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Lead Steel Plate is a plate made of lead ingot. We all know that lead plate has strong corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.It is used in acid-resistant environment construction, medical radiation protection, X-ray, CT room radiation protection, and aggravated , Sound insulation and many other aspects, it is a cost-effective radiation protection material.

Lead plate refers to the plate rolled with metal lead, with the specific gravity of 11.345g/cm3. At present, the common thickness of our factory is 1-20mm, the common specification is 1000 * 2000mm, the longest is 8000mm, and our factory can make 1200mm at the widest, 10000mm at the longest, mostly made of class 1 electrolytic lead. Our lead plate is generally used as radiation proof lead plate, medical lead plate, lead plate, dental lead plate, animal hospital lead plate, X-ray room lead plate, CT room lead plate, etc.

 Leaded Steel Plate

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